Lab-use Disc-type jet mill QDB-50 QDB-100 QDB-150

Jet Mill used in Lab, whose principle is : Driven by compressed air through feeding injectors,raw material is accelerated to ultrasonic speed and injected into milling chamber in tangential direction, collided and grinded into particle.

Products Details

1.Small batch production demand of lab,using the desktop design. 2.The production capacity is 50-300g batch, what's more, it can reach to 300-1000g batch, even 3-5kg batch while changing the design of the collection device. the flexible design completely avoids different machine models usage. 3.Adopt simple bag collecting mode to save cost. 4.Several times grindings to achieve fineness requirement. APPLICATON SCOPE It is widely applied to superfine pulverizing for nonmetallic ores, chemical metallurgy, western medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, agricultural chemical and ceramics, fit to be used in Lab.

Product Description


Jet Mill used in Lab, whose principle is :  Driven  by  compressed  air through  feeding  injectors,raw  material  is accelerated to ultrasonic speed and  injected  into milling chamber in tangential direction, collided and grinded  into  particle.  The  particle  size  can  be controlled by adjusting longitudinal depth, milling pressure and material feeding speed. Disc type Jet Mill do good performance to gummy materials.

Operational Principle

model Amplification factor Air flow rate Capacity Grinding Size
QDB -50 0.075 0.25m/min batch 2~60g D97,5~40um
QDB-100 0.25 0.8m/min batch 50~300g D97,5~40um
batch 300~1000g
batch 1~5kg
QDB-150 0.4 2mmin 10~20kg/h D97,5~4Oum
QDB-200 1 4m%min 20~50kg/h D97,5~4Oum
QDB-350 2.2 8m3min 50~120kg/h D97,5~40um

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