LSM Vertical Wet Stirring Mill

LSM mixing mill absorbs the equipment characteristics of grinding, sanding, tower grinding and so on. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, large processing capacity and convenient operation and maintenance.

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1 .LSM  mixing  mill  absorbs the  equipment characteristics  of grinding, sanding, tower grinding and so on. It has the advantages of  high  efficiency,  low  noise,  large  processing  capacity  and convenient operation and maintenance. 2.when the feed size is 325 mesh, after two times of grinding can reach more than -2 Nm m95% (average particle size of 0.6 μm below). can superfine grinding, but also get excellent flow state pulp. 4. grinding cylinder grinding disc using wear-resistant materials and  high  hardness wear-resistant alloy materials,  equipment, long service life. 5.the use of grinding media wear, particle size ratio of science, in the grinding process, no iron pollution, does not affect the product whiteness. 6.use  a  wet  grinding  mill  can  be  continuous  operation, independent of a product grinding, or can be repeated cycle feed to complete two or more products grinding.


The following processes are for reference only and can be designed according to customer fineness and capacity requirements.(2) Two sets in series flowchart(1) One set Wet Ball mill flowchart(3) Two sets in parallel flowchart

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